The 365 Nature Journal
Building your connection to nature
One day at a time

It takes time to become friends


Like becoming good friends, building your connection to nature takes time.


It grows over many shared experiences together.


You might marvel at a rainbow one day followed by the thrill of wet grass between warm toes the next. Maybe an afternoon finding that secret spot in the trees and another day to notice the birds that rely on the food you put out for them last week.


These are the building blocks of your connection to the natural world around you.

They are the sum of their parts and none are to be underestimated. They grow inside you and your family like a tiny seed that will one day be a huge tree of love and history and experiences of the natural world around you.


Start at any time of any year
Start building your connection at any time of any year. With a calendar that isn't specific to days of the week, pick and choose from within the month to suit your situation if you want to.
There is no pressure, if you don't do them all (really who has the time?) you can come back to them next year.

    What type of activities are part of The 365 Nature Journal?

Sensory prompts

Nature craft ideas

Playful imagination games

Seasonal rituals

Looking for shapes in natural forms

Short nature studies


Simple encouragements for what to observe in nature


£6 FREE Postage

Printouts, links and encouragements when you need them

Whether it's recording the tide levels on holiday on July 12th; finding out about the habits of the Robin you keep seeing in January or you need the sheet for the hunt on August 3rd, there are printable PDFs for the activities that require it.

These come with the email every month as well as links for instructions on crafts or videos to watch. So you'll have them when you need them.

£6 and FREE Postage

What do I get for £6?

  • 28 page A5 full colour calendar with a prompt or activity for every day
  • FREE postage
  • An email once a month with all the encouragements, links and downloads that you need for the month ahead
  • Peace of mind that you have a resource of actionable steps and ideas that will help you grow your family's connection to nature.
Natural art and crafts
They don't need to be complicated and they don't need to last forever. They just need to engage the head, the hands and the heart in a holistic and personal way. It might just be collecting shells or painting stones or maybe a challenging nest weave (respect to the birds!) but whatever it is, it offers a soulful moment of observation and reflection on our place in the natural world.

We all need this now

The world is a different place now. So many things have changed so quickly.


I believe we need to take moments away from a fast paced world to build resilience and remember who we are on the inside and not what the media says we are.


The 365 Nature Journal isn't a race. It's not a quick fix approach like you might see to 'make money fast' or 'get 5K Instagram followers'.


This is a solid plan that takes time

I spent too much time panicking about my childrens' wellbeing and overeacting to news of the rise in mental health problems, cyber bullying and stress.

I just wanted solid actionable steps towards something that would give back to them later in life and have fun doing it.


It will pay you back.

That's what a strong connection to nature is.

It will be something that is looked for as a refuge in times of stress (and those times will come).

It might even become something that takes centre stage in their life, something that they love so much they want to protect and fight for.


None of that will happen unless there is a connection built at a young age.

What do others say about The 365 Nature Journal?


"My daugher (now nine) sees the world around her in new and beautiful ways.


She is definitely more interactive with nature, making things from twigs and leaves, noticing things she has learnt about and reminding me to notice them as well" 

£6 and FREE Postage
Imagine 365 days from now
Imagine the connection to the natural world you and your family will have in a year from now. The seasons will repeat and the sensory moments embraced again and welcomed like an old friend.
Giving your family strength and joy in equal measure. Your connection to nature starts today.
Wishing you grace and clarity
£6 and FREE Postage
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