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Seeing the Number Five in Nature
Real life applications of how the Number Five and its archetype show up in natural forms
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This is a new way of thinking about numbers.

And this is a new way of looking at the natural world.

We need this now.

I want to share this understanding so you can have moments of stillness and joy at the the infinite patterns that are presented to us in nature. This book steps you through these patterns with photos and without maths formulae.


If you are considering a new way of presenting number in your classes or just want to have a mindful connection to nature, join this journey into patterns with me to foster a more conscious way of seeing the world around us.

Seeing the Number Five in Nature
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This ebook explains an understanding of the signature of the number Five within nature and how to look for it. It includes a journey into how the spiral is connected to the energy of five. This is an understanding for all ages and to enjoy  through the activities included that deepen your understanding by interacting with these expressions of number qualities in nature.



Includes over

  • 60 colour photos and
  • 20 diagrams to visualise the understanding.

We can experience the infinite in nature, we just need to know how to to look.  We begin by understanding how the energies of numbers manifest, the forms these will take for us too see.


It is a feeling journey. One that needs experiences to feed it

Your Journey Begins Here
Real examples for lessons or life
These are real life applications that can be used as lessons or for a personal connection to the natural world. Start your journey of understanding how we are all connected through the patterns we see around us in nature. Understand how patterns are number energies interacting together.

Head Heart and Hands


Includes four immersive craft activities for ages 7 and up. To embody each stage of the learning into the heart.

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Chapters include:

  • An Expression of Five
  • Understanding the Archetype
  • Symmetry of Five
  • Fractals of Fives
  • Spirals and Fives
  • Macro and Micro
  • Four activities with Templates



"Through Lisa's poetic words, beautiful photographs and creative activities, this e-book has opened a secret window into the wonder of nature that is not explored at school and has sent us on a deep journey of playful learning."

a homeschooling parent




About Lisa


Through The Smart Happy Project Lisa communicates to her followers a voice of natural connection and sensory observation in a fast paced world. Following in the footsteps of geometers of many ages Lisa embarks on highlighting our journey as humans through a natural world governed by patterns we can see and understand.

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